Where is the CSS located?

The New CSS is 17,000 square feet of high-end office space located right in the heard of SOMA / SF, at 303 Second Street.  Steps from Salesforce.com, public transport, and just about everyone else in tech.  We are in a high-end, high identity building perfect for meeting customers and hosting important meetings.  We also have an event space where you can hold events.

In our building, we have Fearless Coffee, Red Dog Restaurant, and much more.

Who Is and Isn't a Good Fit for the CSS?

Only B2B and SaaS start-ups may work at the CSS.  Our goal is to surround teams with other high-performing, early-ish stage start-ups that are also selling / marketing / building software to businesses.

Service providers (with some limited exceptions) are not a good fit for the CSS.  As a rough rule, if your revenue is not recurring, the CSS isn't right for you.


How Much Does a Desk at the CSS Cost?

A Bamboo (part-time) desk is $450 per month for an open space area where you claim your seat for the day.

An Iron (full-time) desk is $950 for start-ups (+$50 / expenses), $1250 for non start-ups. This is a dedicated desk that you can personalize to make your own. 


Why Is the CSS More Expensive Than [WeWork, Galvanize, etc.?]

The CSS has a much lower effective density, and much higher conference room availability, than a typical co-working space.

If you want co-working, if you are pre-revenue or super early, do not apply.  Go to WeWork, and come to us a little later.

If have have $8k+ in MRR, are growing quickly, want a space you can bring prospects and customers, and learn from each other and the best -- then the CSS is a better fit.

In fact, it's "cheap".  It costs us $1000+ per seat to deliver it in an A+ space in San Francisco.

So if it feels expensive -- understood.  Wait a few months, get to $100k or more in revenues, where your main challenge is learning to scale. 

Why Do I Have to Pre-Pay for 3 Months?

We want companies in the space that are driven, fast growing, and going for it.

We want companies to graduate out of the CSS in 6-9 months ideally, 12 max, once they are killing it.


What's Different About the CSS?

We've designed the CSS for CEOs, founders and small teams that already have their first 20, 50, 100 SaaS customers.  And only those teams.

To that end, we have:

  • Presentations from the leading CEOs, VPs and leaders at the next generation of great SaaS companies
  • All CEOs and employees of fast-growing SaaS companies.  Folks to learn from, without the noise.
  • A "quiet side" of the CSS, where you can put engineering if you want a quiet desk or two away from the cacophony of sales 
  • Far more high-end conference rooms, and lower density, than a typical space.  We've put together somewhere you can bring a top prospect or customer, and have a serious board meeting.
  • A quality bar for your colleagues at the CSS.  No one pre-revenue, no one that doesn't have something real in SaaS, with good customers and strong early traction.
  • Nothing that doesn't help you scale faster, with less stress and more success.  No keg, no bean bag sofas, no yoga sessions.  You can do those things just down the street.